Why I Write

So you made it to my blog. Thanks for taking that intentional first step. Here's where I want to tell you what you can expect from me as a blogger.

Why I Write Basically, I write in response to what I see in the world. At times I agree with the prevailing thought, but often times I find myself questioning it. This blog hangs out in that middle zone as I consider the implications of our culture on basic ideas such as truth, goodness and beauty. I evaluate the culture through a Biblical Worldview and encourage other women to think before they decide. Knowing why we do what we do, or why we believe what we believe can be powerful.

Writing is a hobby, a profession, and one of my processing tools. What You'll Read First, let me tell you that this blog is not a dumping place for my mind. Catalyst Women offers a place for us to explore together the 'whys' in life. This is a land where all questions are allowed. You'll never hear me say a topic is "off limits." But I'm no guru, so don't expect me to have all the answers!

In the blog, you'll catch a glimpse at my contemplative life, decision-making processes and lessons about freedom from cultural pressures. I'll talk about worldview, family issues, what it means to be a Biblical woman and adventure.

Occasionally, I'll write a series or feature others I encounter along the path. I love including other women into this space so if you're interested in writing for Catalyst Women email me.

Here's a great place to start:

+ Article on 13 years of decisions which have profoundly affected the way we think and live.


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Lana Leigh Wilkens is an author and speaker who challenges moms to question and examine the culture within the context of a Biblical worldview so they can parent the next generation with conviction and live intentionally.

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